Your Own Business- Your Succor

Your Own Business Can be Your Succor in Times of Economic Tribulation.  

You can get rich by building up a network of people for economic activity. Don’t get me wrong!! I am not advising you for an investment scam!! The power is in the network. If you want to be rich, the best strategy is to build a strong, viable, growing network. It is the power of network that makes network marketing so powerful. That is why network market business aptly called the business of the 21st Century. The rich people build networks whereas the common men look out for jobs. Like the rich, in network marketing companies you are taught to make network of people to promote and sell the products of the company and you start to gain from the economics of big league businesses. This is what makes network marketing so brilliant. The good network marketing companies offer millions of people just like you and me the opportunity to build their own network rather than spend their lives working for someone else’s network.   network marketing Network marketing or affiliate marking business is often confused with pyramid schemes. How could you distinguish between a scam and genuine network marketing business? Scams are out there to grab your money. They often offer you large return on your investments.  Now-a-days there are some so called “internet gurus” who offer you some kind of magical software that pours money into your pockets. Some of them offer you solutions for all your failures and offer some kind of technical advantage over others to get money online and ask for a good amount of money from you to reveal that secret or send you that “secret software”. You should be a fool to believe those blatant lies.

The genuine Network Marketing Business is literally marketing products through a network of people. This form of distribution is word of mouth or recommendation. As a network marketer, you not only build the net work, but you actually own your own network and that gives you tremendous financial leverage and time leverage.  In simple words, as a network marketer you are able to harness the power of big businesses, leveraging your time and efforts. It doesn’t happen simply by affiliating with network marketing company. To harness the power of leveraging you have to grow the network by duplicating yourself and make a team of people working for you when they themselves work to achieve their lives goals. So in network marketing you create a team of people who are self motivated and work for a common goal of achieving personal economic freedom.  These terms used here are complex to understand and require more explanation and shall be explained in future in this website and as on now we shall proceed with our topic.

How do You Fit into the Present Day Economic Climate?

The realities of the present day turbulent economy have forced all of us to make difficult decisions and compromises on our wants and needs. Our incomes are limited and our wants are unlimited, accompanied with double digit inflation and unstoppable devaluation of home currency. Depleting economies cause for worry for everyone and there sees no immediate remedy to correct the eminent damages caused by unrelenting bear instincts in stock markets throughout the world. The world economies are crushing down without any exception on whether large or small, developed or developing, poor or rich and strong or weak.  Even the governments are finding it difficult to come out with clear solution for present economic slowdown and economic crisis and no one can ensure your economic security that you always wanted expect you helping yourself.

How can you secure yourself? Simple! By making enough money you need to overcome all the uncertainties, enough money to satisfy your unlimited wants, enough money to make feel secure in life, and enough money to meet your benevolence.

How can you protect yourself?

Like most people, you probably want the job security and feel better when you have it. After all, having a steady paycheck and the promise of income in the future makes it a whole lot easier to sleep at night. Unfortunately, reliable, long-term employment is fast becoming a thing of the past. Job security, something most of us take for granted, is on the decline. As the job markets have continued to shift, more and more people are finding the security they once enjoyed slipping away. The truth is that even the job seniority would not protect you, or anyone else, from pay cuts. Seniority, in fact, can actually work against you. The present day is the time for voluntary retirements or more dearly named the golden handshake. Older workers simply tend to earn more and companies are finding more creative ways to remove these costly employees from their payrolls. Retirement – chosen by the employee or otherwise – is the kindest way of getting rid of the older workers from the payroll, but companies don’t always wait for the golden day. Some are simply closing offices or operations and lay-off the older workers along with everyone else. Thinking about these uncertainties is not enjoyable, but it is necessary. Deep down you know you must have a plan for maintaining your income down the road if your job ceases to exist. Planning on finding a comparable job that will carry you forward until you retire just isn’t the realistic thinking any longer.

Top paying manufacturing jobs that used to be the foundation of well-paid, secure employment in the industrial world are fast disappearing. The news tells the story in black and white. Layoffs at Ford, General Motors and other major manufacturers dominate the headlines. Ford, in particular, tells a disturbing tale. This company’s founder, Henry Ford, once went out of his way to make sure workers earned enough to care for themselves, their families and even to buy the products they made. Fast forward to today and Ford has announced it will close 14 North American factories. It has already begun the process of shedding some 30,000 jobs. These positions include both blue and white collar workers. Even the once admired and strong American economy has lost its sheen between the years 2000 and 2003. America lost nearly 3 million manufacturing jobs, according to the Economic Policy Institute. A slowing of this trend seems to be nowhere in sight.

You should also be wary of getting a protected union job. As the manufacturing sector declines, so does membership in unions. In 1945, nearly one-third of all working Americans were union members. By 2005, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that only 12.5% of salary and wage earners belonged to unions. These organizations that once commanded protected jobs and high wages are becoming a thing of the past right along with the factories that once supported their workers. To top everything off, there is “offshore outsourcing,” which can ship your job to someone in another country who will earn 15% of what you do. Outsourcing is not just a phenomenon of the manufacturing industry either. It can happen just as easily to office workers, software developers and other white collar employees. Outsourcing can be losing for one country; it can be a gain for another to where work is outsourced.

So, why does this happen?

Cost is the single greatest motivating factor behind employers scaling back. The reality is companies are in business to make money. Unfortunately, highly paid, full-time American employees do not come cheap. This is why many corporations look for ways to use low-cost workers in other countries or non-union employees here. Add to this the fact that large employers tend to be international companies and the ability to shuffle jobs to different countries becomes easier.

“What can I do to ensure my financial security?”

As the above illustrations show, the job market today is just not the same as it was in the past. To enjoy financial security, you have to take charge of your own future and start making your own income. Start a home based small business online to build your career and earn money independently. If you are your own boss, you cannot be laid off and your hours cannot be cut. There are effective and exciting home business opportunities that will provide you a way to create your own safety net from the scratch. home based business Financial success and income security can be yours.

It is tempting and all too easy to keep your eggs in a single basket. It would be nice to think your job will last or that you could easily replace it. After all, you are still hearing about new jobs and job growth. These jobs, however, are not the same as those being lost. New jobs fall into a single category – the service industry. This means you’d have to work in sectors like customer service or retail. Service industry jobs are notorious for sporadic hours and lower pay than manufacturing positions. The future is not secure. Those supposed secure jobs are from a bygone era when people could bank on their company being around to take care of them. This is not today’s reality. With this in mind, you must start looking out for yourself; no one else will. The first step toward enjoying a financially secure future starts with you. Taking that step involves the gathering of information about how you can start your own home-based business.

The present day economies are hard on workers, but they do love business!

Building a successful home business doesn’t require a lot of tools. To get started, all you really need is a telephone, a computer and Internet access. To put on the main stream internet marketing business we provide with the million dollar website that is capable of bringing home five monthly checks because it is unique selection the best ever network marketing companies that pay you 100% commissions on sales you make. Our team of highly trained experts will guide you and educate you as you climb up the ladder of success. You can easily change your uncertain future and look forward to enjoying the lifestyle you have always dreamt of. home based business This is the time to stop worrying is about future. You can take the steps toward securing a future that is protected and bright. If you are prepared to learn how to generate your own income, you have come to the right place.

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