How to set your goal?

Goal Setting

Why is it that you want to start an online business or affiliate marketing business? Is it money that you want? Is it your urge to become famous? Is it your wish for Personal Freedom that you want to make extra money? Is your ego gratification that urges you for success? Is that you want to secure your retirement income? Is it because your inability to get rehired or retrained? Is it because of your discomfort with larger organizations? Or is it you just want to fire your boss who is very demanding and irrational to you? If someone were to ask you why you’re going into business for yourself, what would you say? Hundreds of questions may popup in your mind and when you find answers to these questions you get going ahead in life as a successful person.

Human beings do not succeed by accident, by coincidence, or as a result of luck. That is to be very precise nothing happens by chance in nature. Everything has a definite and unchangeable cause. If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you have always got. To achieve something you have never achieved before, you must do something you have never done before. That is success is not an accident, it is no miracle either. It is simply a matter of cause and effect. The laws of nature are unbreakable, unchangeable, and neutral which when followed, not only empower you to a super human level but make it impossible for you to fail permanently.

There may be temporary failures and setbacks. Perseverance is the key and momentum created by continuous activity will lead you to success. Without failures, there can be no real success. Failures are actually stepping stones. People who are afraid of failures are afraid of their helpers. We live in an age of opportunities and conditions are unprecedentedly favorable, simply leaving no excuse to remain a failure. Your success is not dependent on fate. Success or failure is solely dependent on the road you take. Definite aim, definite goal, or definite destination is the first condition of success. Clarity of goal gives you power. Clarity of goal clears all kinds of confusions from your mind. Clarity of goal saves us from dissipating our powers, since we know exactly what it is that we want and can concentrate all our powers for the achievement of that single goal. Goalless person is like a rudderless ship, nobody knows, where he will end up. You must set yourself a clear, a clear, specific and precise target, and also a deadline, the thing you consider your goal is nothing more than a fantasy if it is not tied with a particular time frame.

A clearly defined goal is a beginning of any great accomplishment. By having a clear goal, you know clearly in which direction to channel and focus all your energies till you finally succeed. When you don’t have a clear goal, your energy is squandered. If you have a goal clear enough and a desire intense enough, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving it. Your mind has the power to give you everything you want, but you should first know what is it you want? Goals must be written down so that they can be read frequently. The very act of writing your goal on a paper brings clarity to your goal. Even in your day to day life, we are more productive, creative and effective when we are clear about the things we have to do. Once you set your goals you need to become obsessed about it, everything else that is irrelevant to your goal must be swept out of your mind. Deciding a goal and writing it on a paper is only a beginning. From paper your goal must be moved on to your mind and should get carved there, so that you think about it, live with it and sleep with it. The real tragedy in life is not reaching the goal, but not having a goal to reach is. Now that you have decided about your goal, back it up with an intense desire to achieve it.

For many people, it helps to translate their expectations and desires into concrete terms by setting goals. We’ve organized these into three broad categories:

Economic Goals

For me it was the real financial freedom that which gives me enough money to buy whatever I wished to have for me and my family and having the time to spend with my family and whatever things I loved to do. For many entrepreneurs economic goals are the most important and the strongest inducement to work undependably to earn from own business. The opportunity to increase personal earnings and achieve their financial potential is often the most powerful motivation in starting a network marketing business or affiliate business.

Personal Goals

For some people it is the urge to help other’s to achieve their financial freedom their by bringing greater meaning to their lives. While working in network marketing I realized that personal success is fulfilling, it is much more fulfilling when you can help many others to create their own success. Unlike money, many of these factors can’t be quantified but are important nevertheless. For many people, the chance to build something of their own, according to their own vision drives them to start networking business.

Retirement Goals

It’s vital for everyone, employee and entrepreneur alike, to recognize there’ll come a time when you want to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. In this time of growing concern over the continued viability of the Social Security system, any goal-setting you do should involve consideration of your needs after you’ve built and run your business.

Short-term goals

You should also remember that while it’s good to have long-term goals, such as getting the business off the ground and helping it grow, you also need to set short-term goals. Your short-term goals should be realistic and achievable.
It’ll be important psychologically in those chaotic first months to be able to feel that you’re making some progress. Short-term goals can help you achieve those small but crucial victories.

Why Are Goals Important?

Goals are important because they will affect just about everything you do as you plan and operate your business. Goals are not just the destination you’re driving toward; they’re also the painted white lines that keep you on the road. You should be obsessed about your goal. Live with it. Eat with it. Sleep with it. Success will be magnetically drawn to you.

When one’s desire is enough; a normal, ordinary person will appear to possess superhuman powers. The question is not whether you will succeed or not, the question is how badly you want to succeed? When your desire is burning enough, there is nothing in this world that can stop you. No matter what obstacle comes your way, you will find away to go over it, under it, around it or through it.

When you have faith in yourself, believe in your inner strength, and motivated by the set goals single mindedly you will possess giant powers to march towards your target. As you march towards your goal with strong desire, so very intense that each time you come across a difficulty on the way, your desire gets even more intense and magical that things begin to happen.

For a person whose eyes are set on a clear goal, no obstacle is insurmountable. Have no doubt about your success when your goals are set and have a strong desire to achieve that goals there is nothing in this world that can stop you from reaching your goals. Your desire has neither meaning nor impact unless you are mad after your goal.

Other people’s opinions about what you can do or you can’t do have nothing to do with your success. But what YOU think is everything to do with your success. That is, it is you and only you can decide about your success or failure. When we want something intensely, this feeling of desire reinforces our willpower and empowers our human spirit to achieve toughest of toughest things with ease.

How to Quantify Your Goals?

Quantifying your goals can be a long process. You’ll have to gather a lot more information before you’re ready to set specific targets. Eventually, you’ll probably want to put those goals together in the form of a business plan.

But before we move on to the process of getting that information, let’s take a look at some of the guidelines you should follow when quantifying your goals:

Be Specific

Establish targets that can be easily measured, and use numbers as targets whenever possible. For example, you may set a goal of selling your goods or services across a particular number of counties or states, having a certain number of employees, or reaching a particular level of sales. Tie those numbers to specific time frames (within six months, within two years, within 10 years, etc.).

Be Realistic

Having high expectations is great, but make sure that you establish targets that are reasonable and potentially achievable. If you’re opening a fast-food restaurant within six months is realistic for a common man, to say that you want own corporate business within six months is not realistic unless you have enough money to buy out a corporate business.

Be Aggressive

You can be realistic and still aim high. Don’t set goals that are too easily achieved; also, set both short-term and long-term goals. If, after being six months in business, you accomplish all of your goals, then what? Don’t sell yourself short; if you want to own a corporate business within 10 years, go for it.

Be Consistent

Beware of inadvertently setting inconsistent goals. For example, a goal of growing fast enough to have three employees within two years might be inconsistent with a goal of earning a particular amount of money if the cost of adding the employees ends up temporarily reducing your income below the target level. There is nothing wrong with having both goals. Just be aware that the potential conflict exists, and establish priorities among your goals so that you’ll know which ones are most important to you.

Be perseverant

This is the main characteristic of successful person that makes him different from an average performer or a loser. Losers give up easily or they don’t take any responsibility on their shoulders and try to blame others or blame their fate. Some people start with all enthusiasm but do not persevere enough to continue towards the final goal. They too play the blame game and would say this is not their opportunity for them. The blame is put on the company, the society, the government, the infrastructure, the economy, the global economic situation and what not more they easily find an excuse to give up or not to take up at all. Yet some others are there who do not start anything risky for fear of losing. They just don’t want to take the challenges of life because they do not want to fail nor want to take road filled with difficulties. But the winner takes up challenges of life and takes the road that are rough and roads that are less travelled. Winner face the difficulties with ease and keep on trying until succeed.

Start with a Simple one.

Some people have a hard time setting goals because they just don’t know where to start. If that applies to you, try this exercise. Start with an easily quantifiable goal. Start with the amount of money you’ll need to earn in order to cover you’re living expenses since, no matter what, you’ll need to make enough to make ends meet. Only when you have met that need can you begin to look to other goals.

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