Master Your Destiny

Who’s Mastering Your Destiny?

You should have a hunger for fulfilling your life’s potential today, if you ever want to succeed in life regardless of your sex, age and economic background. Present day world is filled with persons who are characterized by a deep desire to grow economically and develop their personal potential. People are in search for home based business ideas for they want to attain economic freedom and want spend more time for family and kids. Work from home online programs are finding more and more takers in this age internet revolution. Why do people depend more on work from home business opportunities to earn their living? Internet marketing businesses are inherent with its advantages like global appeal,work from the comfort of home or office, low investment, no extensive business travels, requires less space and staff for the business. Present day network marketing businesses and affiliate marketing businesses make use of internet to the full extent and those work in those home based businesses have the advantages of big league businesses because they make a team of people self-motivated and independent.

This is an age of empowerment and those with a desire to live above the level of mediocrity are seeking ways and means in which they can live more meaningful lives. You should be able to say,”I am the master of my destiny and captain of my life.” The key to this is to plot your own destiny. That is, be the master of your destiny and be the captain of your life. The word DESTINY would guide you to the true empowerment.

Determine your true passions

You have to find out exactly what makes you tick. Many people stop pursuing their true passions in life, when they get a job. A job is you’re pre-occupation while your true passions are your true occupation. What gets you excited? Each and every person is having his/her own passions and desires but the truth is that many of us are not pursue them or follow our hearts desires for one reason or other. What is it that holding you back? Is it the fear of losing? Is it the lousy feeling or laziness to get going? Is it because you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone?



The problem with many of us is that we don’t have dream in life to follow. We have given it up at one point or the other for some reasons. As I have told earlier the real problem with most us is not reaching the goal but it is not having the goal at all. So you should first of all determine what you want in life and then go for it. What is your heart’s desire? What do you want in life the most? Unless you answer these questions in your mind with reasons and love the answers with your heart, back them with strong desire, put them down on a paper it is hard to realize them.

Embrace your assignment

Back up your set goals with action. If your life’s dreams are not backed up with action they become mere dreams you see when you are asleep. Your true passions would be found and materialize your desire only when you would back the up with actions and that to planed assignments.


Your assignments are that which you are meant to accomplish with your life that few others would be able to do. Every human being has the capability of expertise in one field or other. What are your talents? What do you enjoy doing the most? That could be your field of activity that will lead to your destination. Your desired field of action is your assignment.

Start Action right NOW!

Life is lived in the present. Most people ponder over the past or think about what would happen if everything in world goes wrong for them. Most of us live either in the past or in the future and experience very little in the present day life. What if you could start the business that you’ve always dreamt of starting? If you really want to succeed in life, start it right now, today is the best day, a better day would never be there in your life. The story you wanted to write, write it now. That song that you always wanted to compose, compose it right now! This is the right time. Unless you backup your dreams and desires with actions you are not going to reach your destiny.

Transform your thinking

Your thinking sets the pace for your doing. You can’t experience greatness if you continue to think in the same manner that you have always thought. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the rut of bad or poor thinking. Elevate your thinking by associating with good thinkers.

Identify your strengths

Winners play to their full strengths. If you are going to be massively successful in life you have to start that journey of identifying your strengths.


As you do this you will definitely uncover some opportunities for improvement in many areas of your life. Strengthen your areas that need improvement and you are well on your way to a great destiny.

Notify key personnel

You need a circle of support around you that will motivate, support and keep you accountable. Share your dreams with them. They may be the key to your ability to move to the next level. Find trusted people who will become your inner circle of confidence. You shall not under-estimate the power of your close associates.

Yoke Together Your Team

Don’t mistake for the literary meaning of “yoke together,” here I simply mean bringing people for a common goal or channelizing your team’s effort for the common goals. In network marketing each one of the affiliates is working for his/her set goals but the effect is of leveraged earning for all the members.


Who you become five years from today is determined by the books you read and the company of people you mingle with. Yoke yourself with thought leaders and team members. Find people who are leading in what you dream of doing and connect with them.

Are You A Talker Or a Doer?

Like it or not, the world is composed of two types of people – talkers and doers. Winners are the ones who take action rather than talking away the precious time. Doers are the ones who value time and believe in doing things others would not do. Which one are you? If you are a person who takes action according to your plan you will be the one to succeed today or tomorrow.

Fear of failure is the biggest hurdle in the way of success. Fear of failure stops many from starting your own ventures or stopping you from becoming successful in your network marketing; forget about becoming successful you may not have the courage to start something risky in your life. Your are just comfortable with the existing circumstances.

Don’t let fear hold you back – nothing great is ever accomplished without some risk. Fear is what keeps 99% of people from becoming successful in life. Don’t let that happen to you – know what you want and go for it!

What You Need To Know

Attaining success in life is completely up to you. Sure, there are some factors that you just can’t control. But there are things that you can control and you are the only one can decide about them. Don’t worry about the things you just cannot control – worry about factors that you can control – you and your actions and your thinking.

Points To Remember:

Remember that the in business you are into have the cooperation and team support to assist you!

Be open to all possibilities. Don’t discount an idea just because it seems new to you.

Don’t let the fear of failure dominate you, even though it can be very powerful. Fear is what stops 99% of people from being successful.

Recognize that sometimes you have to take a risk – successfully negotiating risk-taking is what makes one successful in the long run.

Success in life is about finding inner peace, satisfaction and emotional stability. You can’t achieve that until you change your thinking, start thinking out of the box and take some risk.

This applies to business as well as to your personal life.

You’ve got to be able to step out of your “comfort zone”.


Some of the Pillars of Success:

Plan your work, and work your plan!

Strive for excellence. Set your own goals – don’t try to reach the goals of others.

Make a commitment and stick to it!

Accept that disappointments are a fact of life. Instead of allowing them to hold you back, overcome them and you will become stronger.

Turn every experience, whether good or bad, into a learning experience.

Live each day as if it were your last; have no regrets.

Some Final Words….

There are more talkers than doers in our society. Which one are you? Do you wait for things to happen, or do you make them happen? If you think that things will happen for you if you just think about it and fail to take action, I have bad news for you. They won’t. The only thing worse than procrastinating for a day is, procrastinating for a minute.
It’s time to stop thinking about making a change to ensure your future success and time to do something about it. Starting a home based business is the first step that you need to be willing to take – for your financial independence, your financial security and that of your family.

If you don’t look out for you, who will? I have the answer – no one. If you are ready to take control of your destiny then now is the time to start. I can show you the way – but it is up to you to make the decision to change your life for the better and take that first step. Remember, you’re not alone – we are with you! Take the time to fill out the information form to get started on your new path to success today – because time isn’t going to wait for you to make up your mind.

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Best regards,

Lawrence Abraham

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