Why Home Based Business?

If you want the financial security and the rock solid future, you need to create it. You can take control of your future only when take control of your sources of income. If you want the economic freedom that you always wished to have, you should own a business. Is it the best time to start your business? Nowadays people are talking a lot about economic uncertainty and insecure future of world economies. Economies throughout the world are going through turbulent period. Even the governments are helpless and smaller ones approaching the bigger and stronger ones to bail them out of the crisis. But the fact is that even the so called stronger and bigger economies are also not safe and eminent anymore and inevitable fall or slow down is equally applicable to them too any without exception. I am not telling that there is no hope at all for us. But I am saying that it is the best and conducive time for entrepreneurs to emerge.



According to Robert Kiyosaki “A recession is the best time to start your own business.” I agree with him when he says in his book, “The Business Of The 21st Century” that “when the economy slows down, entrepreneurship heats up like a stoked-up wood stove on a cold winter night.”

To affirm this fact he cites the example “What do the Microsoft and Disney empires have in common, besides the fact that they are both hugely successful billion-dollar businesses that have become household names?”

What do you think the answer is? “They were both launched during a recession.”

Entrepreneurs flourish during recession. In times of economic uncertainty, we look for other ways of generating income. During turbulent time we know that we cannot depend on employers to generate income for us, we begin to look ourselves for solution. We start thinking, it’s time to break out of our comfort zones and get creative to make both ends meet.

A leader with clear vision sees the opportunity in adversity and turns it conducive to become more creative and productive. In time of economic uncertainties, people become more creative and break out their comfort zones and would take initiative to crossover the barriers. So the time is good or bad, if you want to control of your life, take control of your income. If you want control your income, you need your own business.

I have been running my own construction business as well as home based businesses for many years, and during those days I’ve been in touch with numerous people who want to have home based business opportunity.

There are lots of reasons why people want to start a work at home business and some of the most common reasons are:

  • Want to spend more time with their family.
  • Tired of commuting and working long hours.
  • Not being paid what they are worth at their current job.
  • Want to be the boss and not work for someone else.
  • Overall lack of satisfaction with current employer.
  • Out of a job and need to make money.
  • Freedom to work when, where, and how they want.
  • No limit to the amount of money that can be made.

You may have your own reasons for needing to start a work at home business that is different from above or the very same reasons. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to work at home business, you really should keep a few things in mind.



The first of all you need to realize is that running your own home based business is still involves dedicated work and that too, with a planed long term strategy and continuity. It’s not all fun and games just because you are the boss. You need to be realistic with your business plans and goals. Don’t expect to get rich over night because it won’t happen, even though many people would like you to think it will.

You will find a lot so called gurus online offer you to teach the idea to earn overnight riches, some online scam-setters offer you some kind of magical software that put money into your pocket, these frauds try to convince you that they earn millions of dollars online using these techniques which they are offering you at $15, $25, $47, $97, $147 and so on. Don’t ever fall prey to these frauds. They are interested only in your money. They will just empty your pocket, if you are not careful. They will vanish in wilderness once they wipe out your hard earned money. Just think, if they know some genuine automated technique to make money why do they need your $15, $25….? Did I go off the track? Not exactly! … It is worth the reminder. Because the actual lose is not your money, it is your golden opportunity to earn from internet, being with genuine affiliate marketing companies or building your home based online business with legitimate network marketing companies.

A lot of business opportunities will fill you full of hype and false promises of making a lot of money in a short period. There are a lucky few that seem to rake in the big bucks very quickly but that should not be expected.

Making a lot of money with your own work at home business is VERY MUCH possible. But home based business requires a lot quality time, hard work better to say smart work, dedication, strong desire to succeed, planed and sustained action towards set goals. Your leadership skills, marketing skills, business skills, computer skills and time available to you are among the many factors that will decide how long it takes you to reach a large profit from your business. You don’t need those skills to start a work at home business but you will need to acquire them along the way, so having them now will help you make money faster.



In most cases it will take at least a year and sometimes up to three years or more before you are really making a profit significant enough to support you and your family. You are the only one that knows how much money you need to make in order to support your lifestyle. Put in the smart work and dedication to your home based business and you will reap the rewards soon. Success never comes easily, but sure to come if you really desire to have it. When you are into home based business it is more building up your business from scratch, bit by bit rather than a sudden massive action. It is a process of gradual growth, a sustained one depending your efforts, quality time, investment and technology you put into your business.

I want to point out is that not all home based business opportunities are scams! Yes, there are many work-at-home scams out there but there are also just as many legitimate opportunities. A large number of people labels a home based business opportunity a scam just because they didn’t get rich of it in their first month or within a short period.

When I am saying home based business opportunity I mean affiliate marketing business or network marketing opportunity. I am adamant supporter of network marketing business because of its advantage over the conventional type business. It is aptly referred as “The Business of The 21st Century” because the scope and reliability as the best business module anybody who wants to build up a home based business is accentuated with advent of internet and internet marketing tools. Today, affiliate marketing or network marketing business is recognized by many experts and accomplished businessmen as one of the fastest-growing business models in the world.

This business model is based on word of mouth publicity in the sale of the products services. In network marketing, you don’t hire employees or recruit staff. One of the reasons that the total sales from network marketing keeps growing is that it’s a true win-win. The company gets an amazing level of market penetration and customer awareness that would be very difficult and very expensive to get with traditional market. Whereas the affiliate or independent representative get the opportunities to earn considerable income from leveraged team work. In network marketing you don’t hire employees; you sponsor individuals who are all independent representatives or affiliates. By harnessing the power of word-of-mouth and person-to-person relationship you create network of people who work to fulfill their own aims and desires.

There are many home based business opportunities which are legitimate and dependable to make considerable income to make you super rich. Make certain that you do your homework before getting started with a work at home businesses, especially today you want to make sure to see the full presentation of the offer before signing up.

So what have we learned about starting a work at home based business? It can be summed up very quickly…

  • You will have to put in time and hard work to make a home based business succeed.
  • There are plenty of legitimate business opportunities on the internet. Just because you don’t get rich overnight does not mean it is a scam.
  • Check out home based business opportunities thoroughly before you send any money.



Okay, now you have figured out why you want to start a work at home business, that you will have to put in time and effort to make it succeed, and there are legitimate work at home business opportunities out there. I think you are ready to get out there and start your home based business.


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